Starting a business

Starting and running your business

A solid foundation is essential for building a good and healthy business. That's why it's a good idea to invest time in the initial research phase and seek advice.

At GROW Startup, you'll find business developers ready to help and guide you.

Starting a business - 2 useful models

To get your business off to a good start, it's important to have a number of considerations. Below you will find 2 models that can be useful tools for you.

The 7 stages of entrepreneurship

You choose to become a full-time entrepreneur or run your business alongside your current job.
You figure out what value your business needs to deliver to customers.
You put together your team and/or create a network of external partners to help realize your business idea.
Proof of Concept
You test and develop your product or service and ensure that your business idea works and is able to create the expected value for customers.
Proof of Sale
You make the first sales and prove that there is a market for your service or product.
Proof of Business
You run your business and generate sales that create a revenue stream for you and your team.
You'll learn more about your customers and your product and can now approach a larger market and unlock your business potential.

With the Business Model Canvas, you can easily describe your business idea in 9 steps, making it easier to realize your business.

We use Business Model Canvas at the start of most entrepreneurship courses, partly to quickly create a solid overview of your business idea and partly to get a clear basis for conversation to start with.

Business Model Canvas 

Who does your business create value for?
Value factors
What value does your company create for customers?
Customer Journey
How does your business find its way to customers?
Customer Relationships
What relationship should your company build with customers?
How does your business generate revenue?
What human, physical, resources does it take to start your business?
What activities are needed to get your company's products/services to customers?
Which external partners does your company need to work with in order to deliver your products/services to customers?

What costs are associated with your business start-up?

Print Business Model Canvas

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