Retail at eye level

Personal and hands-on coaching for those who want to get started with their own shop, webshop or restaurant in Billund municipality.

A solid foundation is important for building a good and healthy store and perhaps webshop.
Therefore, it's a good idea to invest time in the initial research phase and seek advice.

At Billund Erhverv, you'll find business developers ready to provide targeted help and guidance.

Retail at eye level is a local and handheld development concept where you can pick from all shelves and get sparring and advice from professionals.

Retail at eye level

The purpose of Retail at Eye Level is to help new stores and entrepreneurs get started and make sure they have the best conditions to succeed with their business.

It's a local and handheld development concept where you can get feedback and advice from local professionals.

The goal is to help create the next generation of retail businesses in Billund municipality and support those who want to try their hand at entrepreneurship. The help offered to upcoming stores is targeted and customized to the individual store.

Retail at eye level is developed by Billund Erhverv in collaboration with Grindsted Handel and Billund Handelsforening.

Detail compass

The Retail Compass consists of 8 post-its that you can pick and choose from.

This way, we can tailor a handheld process for you, where we focus business development on exactly what you need.

There are many things to consider: location, assortment, concept, etc. This is where existing retailers can contribute with great knowledge and sparring, and this is what we would like to pass on to you as a new entrepreneur.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Hands-on individual coaching and development.
  • Local retailers - and business leaders on your business journey for free from the start.

Detail compass

- for those who want to get your retail business off to a good start.

Get help from experienced local retailers to get your business off to a great start.

Where should you locate your business and how do you get started right?
Get help to get off to a good start with the right location and the right start time.

Get advice on your business concept and whether it is adapted to local demand.

Get 1:1 dialog about leadership and how you can develop yourself as a leader.

Get advice at eye level. Local business owners give you advice that's easy to understand.

You can get help finding owners of leases that would be good locations for your business.

Get help finding potential investors who might be interested in helping you get your business off the ground.

Connect with a local mentor with extensive retail experience to help you on the sidelines.

We're passionate about helping new stores and webshops get started

Contact us if you are thinking about starting your own business or if you are already in business. It doesn't cost anything, it's completely non-binding, and we treat all inquiries confidentially.
If you join Billund Erhverv as a new entrepreneur, you get the first year as a member for free. You don't commit to anything and you can leave at any time.

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Contact us

Marianne Hestbech Witte

Business Developer, focusing on entrepreneurship, experience economy and retail

"Marianne is our strong local capacity in sales, marketing, retail business development, tourism and entrepreneurship. 

She comes with a solid background with over 25 years of experience as a freelancer and in various roles, where she has worked with outreach sales, retail concept development, tourism, and business development. 

You will meet Marianne on a daily basis in our startup environment and business office at Kløvermarken, and she provides guidance and sparring to entrepreneurs throughout Billund municipality. Marianne meets you at eye level, quickly recognizes a problem and comes up with solutions that are easy to understand, and with a sharp compass on online and graphic communication to ensure sustainable businesses."